The Book of earth - 地球经


Dear Earth

This documentary explores the story of Zhang Yue - a self taught Chinese artist turned engineer, who dedicates his life to paving the way in the fight against climate change. This film is a poetic investigation into his aspiration to save the globe from the increasing pressures of climate change. Recent events in China, such as the Wenchuan Earthquake, the Smog epidemic, and the scarcity of natural spaces become a site for action in the chronicle of the past 30 years of his search for new technologies.

'Dear Earth' is a reminder and testament to a spiritual commitment to the life, health, and beauty of the Earth as manifest in the aspirations and actions of an individual, a family, and a company who are working to change the status quo for the long term benefit of humanity.

This is a Documentary about a Broader Aspiration for Earth told from the perspective of BROAD GROUP founder Zhang Yue at the 30-year anniversary of the company

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